Water damage origin and consequences

This winter characterized by the great amount of rain, wind and snow, many queries have been generated on the coverage of home or community insurance.

Water damage: origin and consequences In the consultations we have detected that there are doubts about water damage , not often distinguishing the damages caused by these atmospheric phenomena and the water damages generated by the own conduits of the dwelling or community .

Regarding this last paragraph, the damages caused by water due to own or third-party pipes, whether from neighbors or from the community, it must be pointed out that for its application damage must have been generated on the continent or the contents, because the simple rupture of a pipe does not generate the application of this cover. In this type of accident, the greatest problem is usually found in the search for the source of the damage or in the refusal of the insurers due to lack of maintenance / maintenance of the pipes.

Indeed, in these accidents, when generated in our own home, damages are usually excluded from maintenance or construction defects and only apply to those policies that have covered the aesthetic damage. But when the damage is caused by third parties (another neighbor or community), our insurer can only claim the repair of the origin of the damage, by friendly or judicial means in its case, and once the origin of the damage has been repaired, and at the request of the insured, Can repair the damage produced for its subsequent claim to the cause.

Regarding the damages caused by atmospheric phenomena , insurers usually include a limit due to rain or wind (average 90km / h in wind and 40 l / m2 / hour in rain), with no limit to snow. In these damages usually apply the same exclusions as indicated above.

When the magnitude of the wind or rain exceeds the coverage of the policy, according to its magnitude, the coverage of extraordinary risks is usually applied, with the Insurance Compensation Consortium being the body in charge of its management.