Water damage in home insurance

When you are thinking of insuring your home, one of the most important issues that you have to consider is how to compensate for damages caused by fire or those caused by water. Covering water damage in home insurance is essential for your peace of mind and that of your family.

Most essential insurance has basic coverage of these damages, but only the most complete insurance for the home will give you the greatest guarantees.

Damages occurring in the property insured by accidental spills or leaks from fixed installations, pipelines, own or third parties, or appliances are covered. Also due to leaks, failure to close valves, faucets or stopcocks or even the misalignment of the latter.

The expense may be included in the policy to be incurred in locating the damage and to replace or repair the damaged sections of the pipeline that originated the accident, provided that these are fixed and deprived of the insured housing. Private conduits are considered to be those that, based on the attachment of attachment, excluding the latter, of the general or community driving, serve exclusively to insured housing and are located within its limits or private space.

If you are assessing the coverage of water damage in home insurance , you should keep in mind that it is not usually covered the costs of locating and repairing leaks or breakdowns that do not cause direct damage to the home or its furniture or that , Although produced, originate in vessels of pools, wells, septic tanks, irrigation networks or sinks.

This type of insurance does include damage caused by rain, hail, hail or snow. In the case of rainfall, it must be taken into account that the rainfall recorded should usually be more than 40 liters per square meter per hour. The magnitude and intensity must be accredited by the State Meteorological Agency or by other official meters.

If you are considering hiring home insurance check what water damage coverage you have. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from the insurance company, since it is a key point when it comes to protecting your home.