Water damage and your coverage under the home insurance policy

The insurance policies of the home of different insurance companies in the market differ little in the type of guarantees that are usually included as basic guarantees, but it is important to know the concept of the same, because that is where differences can arise.

The Water Damage Guarantee is one of the ones with the highest accident rate, due to the fact that it is one of the most exposed to damages in the dwellings.

For this reason, we have considered it necessary to extend to all those people outside the sector but interested in their insurance, the knowledge of the generic definition that insurance companies give to the guarantee of Damage by Water.

The Water Damage Guarantee covers the material damages caused by water action, directly to the insured property.

The direct qualification used by the companies is very important, since in many cases there are also damages or consequential damages, produced indirectly.

Direct damage is, by way of example, the damage caused by the rupture of a sanitary water supply conduit or a drain that causes a damaging effect on a wall.

But sometimes this relationship causes an effect is not so clear and that is when doubts arise about coverage’s.

For example, if a cooling, heating or sanitary water supply circuit suffers a loss of water and as a result, connected installations or apparatus are damaged by a lack of water supply, either a pump or a heater.

Are they direct damage?

  • The answer is no, they are consequential damage.
  • Would the damage to these facilities be covered?

We already have a problem, we should go to the definition that each company establishes as limit of coverage of Damage by Water, as well as its limits and exclusions.

If we only took into account the above-mentioned definition of Damage for Water, not being a direct damage due to water, but a consequential damage, would not be covered under a policy.

Let us then look for a random assumption and if the company breaks down the possible causes that may be covered by Water Damage.

  • Accidental leakage from breakage, frost or frost.
  • Breakage of water pipes, distribution pipes or drains.

Water damage as a result of breaks in fixed decorative and ornate installations, such as aquariums.

Leaks from breakages in heating installations or domestic appliances connected to the water supply or drainage system.

  • Failure to close faucets.
  • Water damage from contiguous or superior housing.

In no case, if we look at the detail above, it speaks of material damage to the installation itself, but of the damages caused by the water directly to the rest of the elements that are in contact.

We will continue to expand on the subject and other aspects of water damage, today we have limited it to the exclusive concept that is established in contract on direct damages and consequential damages.

This is an aspect that serves as an example so that consumers always come to seek the support of our mediator who will advise us adequately, in relation to any questions we may have about the coverage of policies.